Get Licensed In NJ

Step By Step Instructions Below:

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Step 1. Schedule a 15 hour Broker Course for PA. Call the school and explain to them that you are trying to become eligible for the NJ Salesperson Waiver and they will know what you are talking about. Course will cost between $225 and $275.

Polley Associates – 610 353

Schlicher Kratz – 215 855


Step 2. Submit the “Request for Certificate of Licensure or History” for your PA license. This takes about 30 days to get. The certificate must be dated within 30 days of the date you are submitting your “Salesperson Education Waiver Application” to the State of New Jersey. Make sure that you have already either completed or will have completed the Broker course prior to receiving your Licensure Certificate. This will cost $40.

Step 3. Complete and submit the “Salesperson Education Waiver Application”. Send this application along with your PA Broker course transcript and your PA Certificate of Licensure with the application fee. This will cost $25.

Step 4. You will receive a “Certificate of Examination Eligibility” from the State of New Jersey.

Step 5. Register for an account at ““. Once you create an account, sign up for the prep exams and questions. It is $69.00. Use this site to study and prepare for the exam.

Step 6. Once you are satisfied that you can pass the exam, schedule an appointment online with PSI at

Step 7. Once you pass the exam, call me to schedule an appointment to become licensed in our New Jersey office and to get reimbursed for your education expenses. You must have receipts for all expenses to get reimbursed.

Do not hesitate to call me with any questions.


Dan Maneely
Office 215 885 3332
Cell 215 284 2891
Fax 215 690 0463